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At R&B Taxes and Accounting LLC, we prepare all types of returns including individual, sole proprietorships, partnership, corporate, gift, and estate returns. We specialize in small business returns of all types and returns for active duty and reserve military personnel. Unless your situation requires only a very simple return, it is not unusual for us to find items previously missed which may increase your refund enough to cover our fee and often for much more. We can work with drop-off, mailed, e-mailed or faxed information, but at least with individual returns, we prefer to work while you are present; this allows us to finish in one sitting and you can leave with a completed return.

We will gladly review your last 3 years returns at no cost and amend them at your request. The review is not done during the preparation time for this years return.

We don’t charge by the hour to and most returns are completed within a single session. We reserve the right to charge a “sitting fee” if you do not file with us or if work outside of normal tax preparation is necessary. We will also amend your return after is has been filed at little or no charge if you find additional income or deductions.

Tax Preparation Knoxville

If you are in the greater Knoxville area, we can meet and work at our place OR we will come to your home or business OR we can work at another suitable location OR by using any combination that works for both of us. Whether you are local to Knoxville or not, we can work by mail and/or E-mail OR we can work partially or totally over the Internet; again, any combination that works for all.

Our Enrolled Agents use the latest tax software and methods available to electronically file your return or we can mail your return at your request. We offer direct deposit of your refund by the IRS or you can choose to receive a check in the mail. If you owe the IRS you may pay them with a direct debit of your bank account on a specific date or by check sent by the last filing date, usually April 15.

We offer bank products where you can have our fees taken from your refund. The bank does charge for this service. The process is your refund is sent to the bank, fees are deducted (ours and theirs), then the remainder is sent to you as a check or direct deposit. Note this is not a loan; the time frame depends on how quickly the IRS processes your refund, usually in less than 3 weeks.

We offer a Refund Guarantee up to $2,500 at little or no charge providing payment to you if we make an error and you must pay or repay the IRS. We will also amend your return and help answer any correspondence you receive from the IRS at no charge.

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