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At R&B Taxes and Accounting LLC our staff consists exclusively of highly trained and experienced Enrolled Agents. Each of our agents is able to handle any tasks associated with tax matters including representing you before the IRS and all taxing agencies in the 50 states. We specialize in personal and business taxes including: 

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • S-Corporations
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Partnerships
  • Personal and Business Returns for Military Personnel
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We participate in classes year around, including attending IRS update sessions and continually stay up to date on the changing tax laws and legislation. We train so we can maintain our expertise and stay familiar with the thousands of tax matters that can affect our clients. We have found this an effective way to spend our resources so we can help our clients with their tax planning strategies and opportunities that can minimize both current and future tax liabilities.

R&B Taxes and Accounting LLC takes great pride in giving our clients very important things they can’t get from tax programs; that is personnel one-on-one service. We talk with our clients and get to know their situation so we can give the best tax preparation and planning available. We ask the right questions so we can get you the largest refund you are entitled to based on the information obtained.

We operate on an appointment basis so we can provide our clients at least an hour to discuss their situation and often complete your return in that time. Unlike many of our competitors we are available year around for advice and other services. Our rates are among the least expensive for a tax preparation and planning service, but the service is among the best. Our Goal is your satisfaction!

Bruce was born and grew up just outside St. Louis, MO. He attended the University of Missouri at Rolla where he earned degrees in mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering. He is a Army veteran of the Vietnam War and was discharged as a captain. He worked for Control Data Corp., Ford Motor Co., Westinghouse finally arriving at Sandia National Laboratories where he retired in 1994. He is married to his college sweetheart for 47 years and has one daughter and two grand grandsons. He has lived in several places in the U.S., primarily in California for 39 years and now resides in Knoxville, TN with his family. He began working in the tax field in 1994 just before he retired from Sandia and has continued his tax education and practice over the years. He is now an Enrolled Agent, a status that is tested and recognized by the IRS. This designation allow him to represent clients before all levels of the IRS including Tax Court.Bruce worked for H&R Block from 1993 through 2013 after which he started R&B Tax and Accounting Services.

Rayna was born in April in Northern California, where she grew up and lived most of her life. When the time came for her to decide where to attend college, she decided to attend University of Missouri-Rolla, more commonly known today as Missouri University of Science and Technology, where in 1995 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Rayna is a 3rd Generation Graduate of the University, and the 13th person in her family to attend school there; she is also the first female in the family to attend school at Missouri S&T, and the only one to attend on a scholarship.

Her previous job experience includes working as a manager for US Gypsum Corporation & as an engineer for Litton Applied Technology, both of which were in California. Rayna is happily married to her husband, Steve. The pair has two sons, Riley and Ryan, aged 20 and 19 respectively. Rayna attended Tax School in 1996 with the idea to be able to find the most deductions on her own taxes, but then decided to work part-time at H&R Block. Rayna and her family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee in 2003 and she went back to working for H&R Block soon after. She worked for H&R Block for another 8 years, earning her Military Tax Specialist and Enrolled Agent License while there. Rayna's Clients come from around the nation, and while she specializes in Military Service taxes, she does many different types; these include business, personal, military, and many others.

Being an only child, Rayna is very close to her parents and made the decision to open an Entrepreneurship that specializes in all taxes with her father, Bruce Koopmann who is also an Enrolled Agent. Rayna believes that with this new business, she is more available to her clients, while giving better prices than many large companies. Rayna and Bruce talk to National Guard and Reservist units many times a year about their special tax circumstances and deductions, and plan to continue to do this as they believe that education is key. Being Enrolled Agents, both Rayna and Bruce can represent their clients at all of the tax court levels. Rayna and Bruce's primary goal is to provide exceptional service at a reasonable price. They believe that having a small business helps give a cozier and nonintimidating feel to getting your tax return done. They treat clients as family and are honored to help all different types of people.